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Parent Input
Your input is very important to developing a plan that meets your child’s special needs. Please take a few minutes to think about what makes your child unique. Share with us any activities, learning experiences or goals that have been successful in the past.

26. Describe your child's strengths for all four questions (Please limit to 10 sentences) *
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28. Describe the concerns that you may have about your child. Think about the areas that are most difficult or challenging for your child (Please limit to 10 sentences) *
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Authorization Release of Information
By checking this box I confirm I have read the Authorization Release of Information, and hereby authorize the School Board of Pinellas County Florida (PCS) to send or receive all of the information listed on the form and further grant permission to PCS to have access to my student at school.

By submitting this application, and if this is the first time you have requested services from the PPPSSD Program, you must mail a copy of your child’s birth certificate, up-to-date immunization and school physical form to:
    2929 County Road 193
    Clearwater, FL 33759

If you previously received services from the PPPSSD Program, thank you for submitting for the current school year.